Girls, do you buy new jeans every winter?

I know you girls are all different so what do you do.

  • Yes, every winter I buy new jeans. I love shopping and my jeans have a lifespan of only one year.
    25% (5)
  • Only when they go out of style and are not fashionable any more.
    25% (5)
  • No, it is a waste of money and they only get replaced when worn out.
    45% (9)
  • Other, please explain.
    5% (1)
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  • I do probably buy one every year, but just to switch it up a bit. I usually keep old ones.

  • Why winter? I buy new jeans like every 2-3 months just because 😁

    • In summer most girls don't wear jeans where I live it gets too hot.

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    • How often does it get to 38C where you live. Every year?

    • And yes I must have looked really good in those jeans.

  • I usually don't wear jeans, only skirts dresses and short.
    so i only have 2 pairs. but when they go out of style, or get worn, i turn them into shorts or throw them out. Then i'll maybe but some new ones.