Girls, What should I wear?

I have no idea what to wear tomorrow since it's hot i wanna wear a dress but I don't like showing my legs for personal reasons I want to also wear a T-shirt with some shorts but there's 2 one is orange shirt with gray shorts or a tau shirt with the same shorts HELP please


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  • I think that you should wear a dress if you want to. Obviously, if you don't like showing your legs to the point that you really, really can't wear a dress, but you'd be showing your legs in shorts too, right? So I say go for it :) I'm not sure what 'tau' is, but I think an orange shirt with grey shorts could look good :)

  • There's always dresses that have a semi see through layer so it's not as revealing but it's breezy, or dresses that are longer in the back and shorter in the front. There's definitely choices even if you don't like showing your legs, yuh know?