Girls, what kind of glasses do you recomend + hairstyle :) ?


Im 18 and i just finished high school. I am applying to medical school (Im from Slovenia) and I would like a female opinion on a few things

a) What kind of new glasses would suit me? I can't get contact lenses due to medical issues on my eye (thick cornea)

b) What kind of NEW hairstyle would suit me? I would like one that complements my facial shape and wich would look professional with glasses

Thanks in advance!

Girls, what kind of glasses do you recomend + hairstyle :) ?


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  • Yes, those glasses suite you.
    The hairstyle - are there many options for someone with such short hair?

    • hey!
      thanks for the response :) My hair is currently longer (cca 7-8)... and I am growing it. Apparently I look better with longer hair :) But when I grow it longer... is there any specific hairstyle that would suit me? Thanks!

    • No... Maybe just let it be long?
      I can't tell with certainty if it will suite you, I'd have to see it to be sure. Best to ask your hairdresser.

  • You look better without glasses, maybe try contact lens if u can?:)