Cultural appropriation in fashion?

I hear a lot about the bindi and how using it in fashion is disrespectful because the bindi has religious meaning.

However the cross is used in fashion all the time and I never hear anyone upset about it. Same goes for the hamesh hand, thats trending in fashion more as well even though it has religious meaning.

What makes the cross or hamesh hand different than a bindi? They all have religious meaning.

Is there up roar about the cross and hamesh hand and I just haven't heard it?

For the sake of conversation I'll likely play devils advocate, so i might argue stuff I don't necessarily believe. Just be aware of that before being like, "you ignorant basic white bitch cunt."


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  • Erm, bindi's were worn as fashion items in the 90's and I never heard anyone kicking up a fuss. I bet it isn't even the Hindu's complaining, it will be some PC egalitarian bullshit group saying it's causing offence.

    "In modern times, the bindi is worn by women of many religious dispositions in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and is not restricted to one religion or region. However, the Islamic Research Foundation, located in India, says "wearing a bindi or mangalsutra is a sign of Hindu women."

    • I know women who wear the bindi for religious reasons that hate when people wear it for fashion and i know of some who dont mind that people wear if for fashion.

      I can see where some people would be offended. If an indian woman wears a bindi she may be gawked at or made fun of but if a basic white girls wears one she's seen as "boho" or "hippie"

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    • I think a white girl will look more daft than an Indian girl. I don't think what you said is accurate.

    • it is though. I had this conversation with a woman who wears the bindi because it's part of her culture. and she honestly feels this way. that she is treated differently (worse) than a white girl who wears a bindi

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  • The cross, for instance, does have religious meaning, but I think the part that would make it offensive is if you did things to disrespect the symbol. The cross is more of a symbol while the bindi is a mark. I think if people wore crosses to signify that they were Christians, then they might get upset when others did the same that were not Christian. Wearing a bindi is a sign that a woman is hindi. It's like you're lying about being hindi. Wearing a cross, though, doesn't make you Christian, and I think that's why the difference exists. Now, there are things that you could do to the cross that might be offensive like if you disrespect it by doing something offensive with it, then people might have a problem with it. But, the wearing of crosses isn't really tied (or directly related) to being a member of the religion. If that makes any sense. I think that's the main reason why.

  • If you like it, wear it. I don't give a shit if others think it's offensive.

    • I can see where some people would be offended. If an indian woman wears a bindi she may be gawked at or made fun of but if a basic white girls wears one she's seen as "boho" or "hippie"

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  • In general it's not a good idea to wear symbols or things you don't know the meaning of, you don't support or you mock. I mean, if you know what a symbol stands for and you believe in it or you respect it or admire it, you can use it. So if you know what a bindi stands for, and you admire it, you can wear it

  • I've heard a bit about the hamesh. I think the cross isn't as talked about because Christianity is considered the "default" religion in typically white nations.

    • But why does that make it exempt? Its still a religion being "disrespected"

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    • I don't know, have you seen how uptight some Christian communities are? Pretty scary.

    • Yeah the few extremes are pretty terrifying. Mainstream Christianity isn't usually that bad though.