How does having long straight hair make a black girl a plain jane?

someone said I need to wear braids because with straight hair I'm a plain jane. how is having long hair make me a plain jane when most black women have natural hair? this is the undermining im talking about. why am I not be given credit for growing long hair down my back?


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  • Makes a black girl a lot hotter than the usual black girl, trust me. Definitely not plain.


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  • They're probably considering your overall look. If you wear simple clothes like a tee and jeans and no make-up, then you would look like a plain jane. Maybe they're jealous of your long hair. Be confident with yourself and your beautiful hair. Ignore their comments. :)

    • I wear makeup and my hair is flat ironed straight. it's black. I wear mini skirts and crop tops or cut off jeans and blouses. Some days I put on a jumper. My style fluctuates. But I find it strange someone would say that when my hair makes me stand out because it's all mine and very long for a black girl

    • They're just trying to make you self conscious. Ignore them.


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  • I have no idea but if anything having braids would make you a plain Jane considering the fact that that's a style that many black girls wear and also the fact that a girl is telling you to wear your jaor like that and you're not following the trend.

    You're not a plain Jane you're far from it when there's a bunch of black girls with long straight weave in their hair that wish they could have hair like you... The girl was just hating/jealous.

  • Oh please that is just ridiculous. Who said that to you? You should braid your hair to make yourself more attractive? Is this the only way that black girls are attractive these days? Has anyone had a look at Insta lately? Has anyone been to the movies lately? Hashtag BS

    • Yes, they're trying to convince me that braids will make me interesting. Braids are ok but they are time consuming and need to be re-done every two weeks due to new growth

    • Whatever they are trying to convince you of, it's your head, your hair, your life and your decisions. If you want to braid your hair, then so be it. If you don't, then, equally, so be it. It's YOUR CHOICE. Anyone that doesn't like that, can suffer at the back of the queue where the jealous degenerates reside.

  • I think long hair is sexy. Especially black long hair. These days, everyone has short hair, especially women over 35. I think having short hair makes one look like a boring soccer-mum. So don't worry about her. Next time a woman is being a bitch, find something snappy to say back. Like comment on her hair, or make-up, clothes. Don;'t be a door mat and just take it or ignore it, say something back.