Are hollywood celebs indeed shorter than the average people we see around?

So i was super free and hence i started googling heights of celebs lol, it seems 175-185 is the range they are all in, i am myself 177+ and i am pretty sure at this height i am of barely averagw height if i am lucky, in fact ots a little ironic even the women are 160-170 cm and i see taller girls all the tkme. Even models for that matter, most men are 180-185 and the female are 170-175.


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  • They're like everyone else. There are short people and there are tall people...

    But those that are American are usually shorter than other celebrities... European and Australian celebrities - as people from those continents in general - are taller...

    • I am 178 in india and i am surely not tall here i always assumed americans must be much taller

    • Nope. They're pretty short. You'd be average there or even taller than average I suspect.

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  • I would have thought 177 around average height for a man so 175 to 185 seems about right to me.


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  • Yeah there are quite a few male celebrities that are short that most people never noticed, like Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr and Al Pacino to mention a few that are around 5 foot 7 inches