What's behind the look?

Question of the day? (Again Didn't Post for awhile)

My question is what's behind the looks.
For a long time, actors and actresses were makeup in their movies, singers and all in media were makeup, that's what people mostly want to believe how they mostly look like in real life, but what's behind that makeup the true self of that person, someone once said to me "When a person wears makeup they are putting on a mask that's not real, when people don't wear makeup that's their true self" that got me thinking a lot of things, that's a public image that people use in our media uses. Now what do you people think about this matter?


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  • I think thats sorta wrong (everythings opinionated of course) it can go both ways. yes, some do like wearing masks because the face they currently have doesn't satisfy them; but some people use make up to enhance their beauty, and i think thats beautiful


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  • I think all people have a public image and a private image - Not only with make up but in most things - For example a guy comes out of a workout gets message " I only have an hour to spare, I am at cafe nearby" - Option A it is best friend water shower tshirt and sweats 55 pleasant minutes, Option B a new girl he is dating and trying to impress a full shower, shave, dress properly a nice 25 minutes in cafe.