Guys - have you ever liked a girl mostly based on looks?

So, you know how there's a difference between being interested in a girl and liking her? How you usually like her after you've gotten to know her a bit?

Say there's a REALLY pretty girl in one of your classes. You barely talk to her, but she's really pretty and seems to have a good personality.

Is it possible for you guys to LIKE this girl only talking to her a little bit? Not just interest, but actually liking.


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  • looks will usually catches my attention first and then after I've talked to her a little, I might be reeled in. if we have a decent convo then I may start liking her especially if she's good looking, but if we continue to talk and she's actually not so great personality wise then it's a no deal for me.

    good looks without the substance is nothing more than eye candy and I'm not interested in that


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  • I think its possible but more than likely a guy won't like her till he gets to know her better.

  • absolutely yes


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