Opinions on tshirt designs?

I have started fantasizing with starting a tshirt line, albeit I am still in the early stages of designing and working out how I plan on doing this stuff, these are some of the more final designs that I have down though.

Authentic (BUT CONSTRUCTIVE) opinions really would be valued at this juncture!


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  • I like the Rocky one a lot. I really liked the motivational speech he gave in that scene. However, It's a bad T-shirt idea from a monetary standpoint. No matter how many shirts you are pressing, you pay by the color. Most startup company's keep their T-shirt's 1-3 colors max. For every other color that you use, the cost of the print rises by at least 10% which adds up quick. It would cost an arm and a leg to print that shirt and therefore you would have to sell it for much more than what you could probably get for it.
    I do like your ideas though using pop culture. They are always a sure hit.


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  • Yeah looks really good

  • niceeeeeeeee fam, i luv the back one, you get me fam?