Going to high school for the first time?

Hey guys! I am going to high school for the first time ( 11th grade ) I lived in Europe and moved back here to The U. S and just need some overall tips, Like for example what bags do girls use or what clothing brands are good school tips etc means a lot thank you!


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  • Ah a fellow Czechoslovakian lol

    I've been out of high school for a long time so I don't know what the kids wear these days, but back when I was in high-school we just wore whatever was comfortable and things that matched us personality wise I guess and that we liked.

    Sorry if I can't be more helpful lol.


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  • It's not as bad as the movies make it seem (it's also not as great). Set your expectations low and you should be fine.

    There was a lot of Michael Kors bags recently so I think that you can't go wrong with that. A knapsack is still not out of place, especially not if you're taking a lot of science and math (heavy textbooks will ruin a shoulder bag and your shoulder). I wouldn't worry too much about clothing - you'll be a lot trendier coming from Europe than they will. H&M is fine if you need anything.


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  • pantyhose and mini skirt


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