Which hair colors do guys find attractive?

alright, so in my pictures you can see my natural hair color, I'm the one that has dark hair :P I was wondering if I should keep that hair color like it is,get some golden blonde streaks in it or if I should die it a lighter brown with sum blonde streaks or highlights, or die it completely black? or even die it blonde but with sum light browns and different blondes and such. which hair colors do guys find attractive? :) thanks guys love you all :D


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  • I don't know you may not be into it, but I LOVE redheads. Other than that light brown is a nice choise too.

    • I like red heads to :) but do you think it look alright on me?

    • I could tell you but your picture, it doesn't show your real skin color, and the others are black&white anyways but if you are that pale, try to take an advantage of it and don't go brown, but go black. If you choose a dark color try to stick to a solid color and don't do highlights. But if you choose blonde, you have to do as many as possible using different shades so that it looks natural. You hair is already dark so I won't go blonde, unless you wanted it all to fall off, (it's possible).


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  • I actually don't see anything wrong with the hair you have now.

    • Thanks :D I don't know I just maybe was thinking about getting a change, not to sure wut to doo :P hehe thanks :D

  • i think youd look good as a redhead. as I favor redheads


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