How should I look?

I'm being set up with this guy tomorrow who is my friend's boyfriend's friend, and I've been texting with him for a few months now and he seems really nice (and nice-looking). I know all guys are different, but In your personal opinions, how do you like your girlfriends/crushes to dress or have their hair? And girls, have you found that any paticular way of dressing has worked well on a (sort-of) date? Thanks!!


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  • Where are you going to meet the guy?


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  • yes , put your hair down , straight or wide waves, light make-up , a light color soft dress , like rose or white or cream, not exposing , not so short, but still fits your body well , a cute ballerina, and a small crossed bag, that would be me definitely if i have a new date :D

    • Thank you, that helped a lot. :-)


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  • It always depends on the face, and the hair. The girl I'm crazy about has gorgeous straight hair that seems blasphemy to curl or twist. Some girls look better hair-up, others hair-down.

    Have you a picture?

    Best of luck to you on your date! Don't forget to smile at him lots if you like him.

    • Sorry, I don't have a picture, but thank you for your opinion. :-)

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