Can a guy fit into a g-string?

Well let's just say by a turn of events, I have to wear my girlfriends g-string for a day. She says that I have to keep it on no matter what except to use the restroom. What I'm concerned about is am I even gonna be able to fit into this? My girlfriend is rather small and her g-string is size 5... and I'm not exactly a small guy. I just don't know if I will even be able to squeeze into something that small... what if I have an erection? I mean I'm probably gonna feel like I'm gonna pop if I truly have to do this. So is this even possible?


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  • It's possible, but it might not cover everything

    • What I'm most worried about is she says I must tuck everything in... I don't know if that will work...

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    • Well I have no experience with that so I don't know lol

    • Yeah I know XD. It's probably gonna be pretty miserable tho...:/

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  • Your dick is going to be hanging out sideways like someone poking his head out with the stage curtains closed.

    • Lol! And ur probably right

    • and your balls are gonna be halved to the left ball and right ball.
      It's gonna look like a 3-wheeled motorcycle.

    • Lol ur hilarious XD. But the sad part is, I'm sure ur correct too


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  • Into a guy g string - yes.

  • Just don't wear it, make another deal

    • Um... it's too late for that...

    • Why is it too late?
      Can u pm me what happend and the deal that was made?

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  • i think mr jiggy can fam

  • Hmmm why she told you to wear her thong? Tell us to know :) how do you feel in that thong?