How much does a tattoo on the finger hurt?

I heard the closer to the bone, the more painful.
It's my first time getting a tattoo so I'm really scared - but I really want this tattoo.
It's just three small words on the side of my finger, nothing fancy... Will it hurt a lot?
I guess people can take pain on different levels, so maybe you could just tell me what the pain is like? does it feel like a knife cutting though your skin or like a shot,?


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  • Well getting a tattoo essentially IS getting a shot, over and over constantly for the length of time it takes the artist to do the tattoo. You're basically having your skin punctured repeatedly for a long time. So it does hurt like hell, yes, for most people.

    The finger will potentially be one of the more problematic locations for a tattoo because of how much humans need to use and move their hands, but that's more an issue during recovery.

    Just be sure about this, because getting it removed from your finger would also be difficult, and that's one location where you will never be able to cover it, unless you're going to rock some mittens. :) 20 is a young age to do something that permanent. That tattoo WILL profoundly change your life, not necessarily for the better, because it will even affect your employment prospects. Forever. :) So just think carefully, do a lot of discussing with others who have tattoos, and be 100% sure. Good luck.


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  • what part of the finger. my boyfriend has the palm side of his fingers tatted and he said it was awful. xD