Is trimming a decent and simple option to look normal and humanly?

Is trimming a decent and simple option to look normal and humanly for a guy like me who otherwise is blessed (PUN intended) with thick long black bear skin rug on his upper body and lots of hairs on his linms as well. I bet if some normal human sees me shirtless (what if some girl sees me shirtless :-o ) then they will be astonished to see the hairiness as it is beyond the imagination of a normal human being...
So will trimming be good for rug as well, as it is what most normal hairy human males do to groom themselves.. but won't it be too prickly and itchy for fur?


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  • I like trimmed guys, so yes.

    • Trimming is ok for rug type thick fur on human beings like me?
      Won;t it be too prickly and uncomfortable both for me as well as the woman who might date me :-O (aww which woman would date a bear :-p

  • Trim don't shave, because it will feel icky after two or three days after shaving. Trimming keeps things neat compared to just letting it grow untamed


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