Do you go for a boy/girlfriend out of your league?

eg if you rate yourself a 7 in appearance do you go for a 9 , similar or someone less attractive


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  • I don't know what Id rate myself, don't really care to be honest. The "league" you speak of though is just something people with to much self confidence made up to keep people they didn't see as appealing down.

    Ive seen tons of girls and guys with almost opposite poles if you wanna call it that. Its all about how you approach the person and how things go as to if you can get someone out "out of your league" :P

    But then of course some people are just stuck up tightwads who only care for looks and even then you know they are not worth the trouble even if you were close to them in number.


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  • Why not? I think I'm a 9 and once dated an 11? hahaha. But really, even though I'm kind of cute, I once dated this guy who looked like a Calvin Klein underwear model. No sh*t, I really mean it. Everywhere we went, women would helplessly flirt with him because he's just incredible looking.

    Funny thing is, he's actually the nicest guy I've met and loved me dearly. It didn't work out because I was immature. Now he's happily married and I can't be happier for him. He deserves it.

    So the answer is go for anyone who strikes your fancy. Life's too short. But if she treats you like sh*t, then know what to do, and don't let one pretty girl shun you away from the rest of them!

  • If I was a 7 there was no way I would go for a 9. Personally it would be intimidating, and I would be very self concious about what my boyfriend thought. In general I try to go for someone who is similar or a tad lower than me, I have been rated a 9 and I think my current boyfriend is a.. eh I'd say 7 he is pretty average. But for me that works out very well, he likes to show me off and stuff and I really don't mind it. I quite enjoy it actually ha. But yuuhh I usually go for guys lower, because it makes me a lot less stressed.


    • 7 is average for you o.O What number scale are you using dear? =P

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  • I'm a masochist, I only go for the women I know I'll never have o.O Nah If I like someone I'll make an effort to win their attention and affection no matter what they look like. You never know what will happen till you try.