Why is every foundation I try too dark and yellow? Need advice?

Even when I get a foundation as pale as milk it looks too dark and yellow on my face. Do you have any suggestions? Preferably vegan/crueltyfree/nontoxic/notalc/nosilicone/nooxidize.
I've tried the palest selection in Pixi Beauty, Covergirl, Make Up Forever, and in my current Gabriel Cosmetic but nothing seems to work? My skin is very pale and I think its undertone is cool cream or neutral greyish. I have acne scars and natural rosyness in my face. I'd like something brightening and super pale.


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  • There is a particular foundation called "illamasqua" it's a liquid foundation. You stated above in your question, some foundations you have tried to use makes you look too dark, so try this one because that will avoid just that.

    Revlon colorstay is another good one. Lancome renergei is another, ummm and Liz Earle sheer skin Tint. Just try anyone one of those.

  • I don't know about the exact brands... but I'd go out and actually try foundations on a bit of skin where your jaw meets your neck and go out into the sunlight to check which one suites you.

  • Invest in a high quality foundation.
    Pixi and cover girl are target brands.
    Be willing to spend money if you're looking for something high quality but also vegan, cruelty free, non talc, no silicone or oxidize.
    All makeup is non toxic otherwise you wouldn't be allowed to put it in your face...

  • You should go to the MAC counter at your local mall