Decorations for a hospital room?

My father has spent a lot of time in the hospital, and if you've ever been in a hospital before, you know how boring the rooms are. White, white, white. So we want to help decorate the rooms, but not just my dad's, other rooms in the hospital. We've talked to the hospital about this, and they're okay with it as long as it meets their requirements. We would love ideas for decorations (and links if you have some pictures!) so we can bring a little color to these drab rooms.


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  • Bring life into the room. Flowers that he enjoys. Perhaps play around with the holidays. Halloween is coming up. Let him know just because he's stuck there and not outside you could bring the holidays to him. Pictures of your family so he can see them to help combat the loneliness. Cards and balloons as a reminder that he is appreciated and loved would do as well. Good luck to you and I think It's very thoughtful you want to decorate his hospital room.

  • Flowers and posters/paintings /art work - Things that would catch the eye of the patient and give them something else to focus on.


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