What's up with my boyfriend getting socks and underwear from his mom every Christmas?

every year she gets him underwear and socks!


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  • Unless that's all he gets, that's not too weird. I had a boyfriend who always asked me for new boxers for christmas because he just didn't like shopping for them. I have no idea why. So I'd always buy them and he was always excited about getting some. Also, maybe his mom just wants to buy him something she knows he needs and won't buy for himself.


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  • I don't know about there, but where I'm from its a specific tradition. It goes like this: When a family member asks you "what do you want for Christmas?" and you say "I don't care" or "nothing" then they get you socks/underwear. Basically it means if you want something for Christmas... anything... but you refuse to say it because you don't want to inconvenience the giver or you figure you can buy it yourself... then you deserve socks/underwear for Christmas. Here people usually get what they ask for even if it sometimes is outrageous like a car or a stereo system. The whole family may pitch in for that one present. Kind of strange I know but its just one of those spirit of Christmas traditions.

    I doubt its the same deal with him and his mom. I just explained mine.

    • I thought of what you wrote here, but at first I wasn't sure about it and thought it was inappropriate. wondering if that was weird,but I realized that I never see my boyfriend ever buying underwear or socks. I guess its a mother thing. Thanks!

  • I think that's highly inappropriate. Just imagine an adult girl's father kept buying underwear for her.

    • I did think of it as inappropriate, but I did not ask him if he asked his mom for them for Xmas. but I admit that imaging an adult girl's father buying her underwear for her is a bit of a far stretch. for one, men do not shop for things like that for a daughter.

    • Nor should women shop for things of that nature for a son.

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