Why do some white people try to copy afro textured hair?

I find it offensive. Afro textured gsur just isn't one texture, its many. Braiding their hair doesn't make it look like mine.
Like omg can people stop acting Luke afro textured hair just means a bug poofy curly rag?


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  • Why are you pissed about someone with the same or trying to have the same hair as you

    • Because my hair isn't a trend. That's the way it grows out if my hair. It's not afro textured it's just an afro. Anyone could make an afro.

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    • Just think, there's a lot more to life than hair

    • @asker so you are talking. You just told him to study "African American hair history" when African Americans can be have straight, curly or even coarse hair. Please do research before you talk shit. And I know u r generalizing because instead of African American history you could of said afro/coarse hair history. Mixed black and white south African Americans would be consider African American because African American is not a race but a group.

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  • Perhaps the same reason some of you ladies like to straighten your hair like white people? ;) It's so bloody offensive, oh no!!

    • Actually black people can have straight hair :D straight hair us easy to copy. Although, it's plain. Curly hair has more than one curl texture sometimes.

  • Who cares, it's their hair, let them do whatever they want with it.


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  • They don't try copy it
    They obviously just like whatever look they've find on themselves. I find it offensive that you've assumed something so pathetic.