Girls, What do you think of this outfit for a sweet sixteen god I hate sweet sixteen season I never know what to wear?

black slacks
purple dress shirt
dark purple tie
black vest
the colors of the party are purple and black and apparently I have to match the color scheme even tho I'm not on the dais what do you think of what I picked out cute or not any suggestions maybe make it a dark purple bow tie instead maybe suspenders instead of the vest or maybe wear a tux with a purple tie or bow tie and vest the party isn't ridiculously formal but by no means casual (a tie is required as per the invitation)


What Girls Said 2

  • I think your outfit sounds great as it is :)

    • Thanks I'm not good at these weddings and normal days are easy weddings I wear a tux or a suit but sweet sixteens the girls want you to match them and you don't wanna look like a toddler at church

  • hahahahaha i think it's a pretty good outfit. it seems semiformal (like not full on tuxedo) but definitely classy

    • Thanks weddings and everyday are def easier for weddings I'll just wear s tux or suit and Bowtie regular life I'll wear khakis and a buttoned up all the way shirt polo or dress shirt maybe a sweatervest but sweet sixteen dress codes are so ambiguous