What should I do or tell him so he knows I'm not going to get jealous for him looking at other women?

I don't get jealous when he looks at other women. I understand he's a guy and he could do that if a pretty girl walks by. If there is a girl on TV I tell him oh do you like her. He's like yea or no. He has told me that he likes that I'm not jealous but he also sometimes purposely tries to get me jealous. He says he likes it when I get jealous because he finds it sexy. When there is a woman in the store I don't mind it if he looks at them. Like yesterday we were in the store and there was a pretty woman in front of us. We were just talking and than when we got to the cashier the cashier was just staring at the woman. When we got out my boyfriend was saying that guy was staring at her and I told him so were you. He was like no you know I wouldn't do that to you. He is a respectful guy but at the end of the day he’s still a guy and that’s in his nature. Honestly I know he knows that I know he was staring at her. I’m pretty sure he talk to me about it because he knows I’m not going to get mad at him. Than he kept on talking about it I know to get me jealous. I don’t know how to react to it and I looked to the other side and he was like oh that’s probably their car. I was like OK fine and he said but you know you’re better. I just don’t understand why he does this. He just does it for it to get to me but I’m pretty nonchalant about it. I know he’s my boyfriend but just the way he looks I look too. I mess around with him sometimes that I’m jealous and I find he likes it because he feels like I care more for him. What should I do or tell him so he knows I’m not going to get jealous for him looking at other women just not anything dumb unless of course it’s cheating ?


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  • I think you're opening the door for him to one day be out to dinner with you and start drooling in your presence over the pretty waitress in front of him or over the hot chick who just entered the room. He may drool all he wants when you're not around but in front of you it's disrespectful.


What Girls Said 1

  • He might want to get you jealous because some people see jealousy as a sign of caring or being appreciated. I'm not saying he thinks that you don't care, but maybe sometimes it's nice to feel appreciated. Or like he said, he finds it sexy when you're jealous, so it might be just as simple as that.

    If you tell him that, don't tell him in too serious of a tone or mood. Keep it light, and if he still tries to make you jealous, then well, looks that that's in his nature too.