Thinking of trying makeup. Anything I know? Would you pass unto me your knowledge plz?

It's a little scary/daunting. I see all these muas on YouTube and it looks easy enough but they have like this full arsenal and I'm looking to start simple. Just making my natural features look better.

Do you have any tips for just starting out?


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  • Get a cover up stick, black pencil eyeliner, black liquid liner, and mascara. That's all you need.
    But cover up on first only on noticable spots
    Line your upper kid and lower waterline with black pencil and smudge it a bit (I do this so my eyelids are just a shade darker instead of wearing eyeshadow sometimes)
    Line area just above your top eyelashes with black liquid liner. Wing it is you want but not too dramatically.

    If you want a contoured look for your eyes draw a thicker line in pencil towards the putter corners of your eyes on the lower waterline and above the lid. Draw a line in your crease and smudge it in to make your eyes look bigger. Experiment with what looks good on you.


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