I've really wanted to cut my hair for awhile now but have never been brave enough! Help?

I have long hair all the way down my back and i've really wanted to cut it to like shoulder length for like the longest time now but i'm just so scared. I always tell myself just a bit longer first then i'll cut it but whenever i get a haircut i always chicken out! i've had bad experiences with short hair before and i feel like i'll regret it a lot. I know hair grows back but it'll take at least a year for it to be back to where it used to be! And what if its hideous?


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  • Cut your hair a little bit maybe an inch or so and if you like it cut it a little more. Keep cutting till you get to your desired length and if you go one cut too far it will only be an inch that has to grow back.


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  • You're just like me! I've always wanted to cut my hair too! I have long hair up to my waist, and I was dreaming about cutting it. So then I told my mother. She cut it so short, (maybe to you it might not be) several inches below the shoulders. I usually trim half an inch every 6 months, so this felt very strange. I loved it actually, for a couple of weeks.

    After, I started to miss my old hair and all those hairstyles I did in the past. I saw such elegant styles and I tried hard to grow it back.

    The thing is, when you have something, you want something else. Once you have that thing, you miss what you had. Like a memory, you lived somewhere for such a long time, you wanted to leave. After you left, you want to go back.

    Message me, I'll help you.


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  • Most men find long, well managed hair on a woman a thing of beauty. Why women choose to cut it off is a mystery to me.

    • Why? Because it's our hair. If a guy doesn't like shorter hair (and shoulder length isn't really that short - it's a medium length), then he doesn't have to date the girls who have shorter hair.

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    • Well yeah, it is her choice in the end. If I wanted to cut all my hair off I'd definitely get his opinion first and consider it, because that's fair. Ultimately the final decision is mine. I wouldn't want to continue being with a man who wanted to micromanage every last detail of my appearance from my haircut down to the kind of shoes I wear.

    • @musicbrain5 And either would I want to have my life controlled like that. My ex grew it back because she loved me more than her hair length. And I remember thinking as I watched her hair grow back that she is doing this because she loves me. I never said it to her. Didn't have to. I watched it!

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  • I'm sure it will look good and shoulder length is not that short. I thought you were going to say a pixie cut or something! If a shorter haircut is what you really want, go for it! If it turns out you don't like it as much as you thought, just be patient and wait for it to grow out again :)