What does my big brother mean? How can someone be TOO beautiful?

Last night, my brother walked into my room, looked at me, shook his head and said I was "too beautiful for my own good" Then walked out again.

This seemed kind of random to me, so I asked him what he was talking about, but he wouldn't say anything else.

I'm confused, what was that all about ?

I'm 17, my brother is 23

and he said something about staying away from the weirdo's that hang about
Thanks for the answers from the girls so far, I will definitely be careful about what guys I choose to spend time with.

Still seems random that he said it in this way, it just came out of nowhere, and has me kinda worried about my brother, because he looked upset.

Any ideas what could have happened to make him suddenly decide to mention this?


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  • He probably just meant that you're likely to attract attention from all kinds of people, including attention from people who won't be good for you. I think he just cares a lot and obviously loves you to death, so he wants you to use your very best judgement when it comes to the people you choose to spend time with, and to not be naive.


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  • My answer is 100% different than everyone elses.

    I think you turned him on. I think he walked in, your beauty caught him off guard and he said something without thinking about it and realized he might have accidentally said something bad.

    It is not uncommon for boys to be attracted to their sister. I think he had a sexual thought about you and now feels like he is a perv and wants to distance himself from you to prevent that thought from re-occurring.

    • Erm.. ok, slightly disturbing way to think about it, lol

    • I know it is, but how he acted, this explanation makes perfect sense. The benchmark to base any action/reaction would be "Did he like thinking of you like that, or not" Statistically 70% of all boys/men have a sexual thought about a close relative at some point or another. But most never say anything about it.

  • he just wants you to be smart about it. just be careful


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  • I bet one of his buddies said something about you. A lot of my friends who have big brothers have slept with most of his friends because they have "easy access" to hanging out with her and she often trusts them because she's grown up knowing them. Not all of them have honorable intentions, even if they seem like your own brother + attraction. A guy won't want to rat out his buddy (or bring up his sister's sex life) but he will feel protective of you and not want you to get taken advantage of.

  • He sounds like a good big brother! He's worried that some jerk is going to take advantage of you or mistreat you in some way. Take his advice and stay away from weirdos!

  • He is protective over you and does not want you to be hurt ever,and that's good.Just be smart about everything,and do not use your body in the wrong way,then ull be fine.I mean RESPECT YOUR BODY and do not let anyone to love you only just cos of your looks...