Does he look at me because there is a crowd and he looks at everyone? or is it more?

I have asked questions before about the guy I like and his eye contact. We pass each other in the halls and he always look at me right in the eye (usually for like 1 or 2 seconds) then he drops his gaze to the floor. He does this often. I am just wondering if he does this because eh likes me or is it just because there is a crowd in the halls and he just looks at everyone as they pass? Or is it more?


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  • Definitely likes you. Every guy does it.

    • Every guy does it to a girl he likes?


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  • It could be 2 things, one is that he might like you. The other is that he might think that you like him, and so he looks to see if you look at him, and then turns around,but really has no interest in you.

    • Would he look at you more than once in the halls though if he was just "checking to see if you were looking at him? " Because the exact same thing happens to me. And the guy is also in my lunch period. After he's done eating he goes to the table across from mine and talks with the popular people, but I also feel somebody staring too. And whenever he talks to them he's always facing my way. So could this guy very well like me? Its just hard for me to consider because he's so very good looking. Good? BTW

    • Well if you think he likes you, walk by him and say hi. That might start something I guess.

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  • Well do you know him because if you do that might have something to do with it but if you dont,he's probably looking at you but depends.