Are the chukka boots a shoe essential for guys?

I have this pair of navy blue chukka boots I found online at Hautelook. com. I'm usually very indecisive when it comes to buying online, let alone clothes. However, once I researched the history and outfit inspirations for chukka boots. I feel in love.

Are the chukka boots a shoe essential for guys?
What I love about the design of the chukka boots is the slight sleek design it has. The front of the boot is of a slim construction while it has a slope up the ankle. They have a simple design which yet can make any outfit stylish and somewhat sophisticated depending on the outfit. There are chukka boots made out of leather, suede, canvas. Some designers have made sneakers that have the silhouette of a chukka boot. Personally, I would go with a leather or suede chukka boot as it would elevate your style and guaranteed you complements 😉

What do you think? How do you like to wear this shoes or how would you wear them?

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  • If you like them then you should where them but I think they look best with skinny jeans☺


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  • I like the boots personally

  • Never owned a pair, they dont look good on me, I don't know why

    • I have seen some people with it of different sizes and etc. It could be the pants or your perception of stylestyle so you don't think they look good

    • i tried with different pants... i feel silly in them, i think its my fashion/style perception lol

    • If it's that you feel silly then it could be your style. Have you tried getting someone's opinion on how they look on you? If anything if I were you I would try some made out of leather. Those look badass

  • Those look like Austin Powers boots.

  • I want to get some when I'm an adult, it would look weird in highschool

    • Don't think tgat. I think in high school if you dress up some more you could attract attention from the girls. Rather than dressing a lot in streetcar which everyone does. Just once in a while once a month will pique people's attention. That's what I do

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    • I get the point. To each their own. Thanks for your answer. I know I have a bunch of typos

    • No problem mate