Guys and girls: kick ass body or beautiful face?

i know there are people being both hot on body and face but despite that,guys and girls:which type do you prefer your girlfriend/boyfriend to be? some one with hot body and not so stunning face(but not ugly at all) or you are just picky about the face?

and which type do you want yourself to be?


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  • I agree with the first poster..

    Face over body.. but if she's fat I will rule her out.. and It sucks.. I've seen some really really beautiful women.. if only they would try to shave off some of that weight.. I'm just not attracted to the bigger body styles.. I don't like big boobs and butts either.. I truly like slender girls.. petites whatever you wanna call it.. like Jessica Alba in good luck chuck.. perfect example..


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  • Def more picky about the face, but a hot body can make up for A LOT.

  • pretty face but she can't be fat


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