What are you attracted to?

Girls what are the things that make you most attracted to a certain guy? In other words what makes him seem "sexy/cute" vs "unattractive/ugly"?


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  • I'm a sucker for a wide, bright smile, wit, and an infectious sense of humor. My current crush makes me laugh and smile like no other, and is always considerate of me and my well being when I'm around him. I like being teased, and he teases me all the time. Also he has strong arms... but let me stop talking about thim.

    To me ugly is bad hygiene, and a bad personality. Looks are something that's not a deal breaker for me so I couldn't tell you specifically. There are so many different combination for looks I can't name specific unattractive qualities.


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  • Immediate attractions are hands, I love hands. I'm a sucker for a half smile. I love dimples, and accents make me melt. Smelling good, sometimes it works just to be clean and fresh smelling, sometimes a good cologne.

  • for me a guys personality makes them attractive or unattractive, not just the looks and I loveeeee when a guy smells really good because then I want to be near them all the time, and a guys eye contact with me, he's great if he can hold a conversation while looking at me in the eyes :)


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