I have ugly feet!!!

help. and my boyfriend has a foot fetish. my feet are swollen a bit and I keep trying to soak them to make them look good. I need help how to decrease the swelling. thanks.


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  • swelling comes from loads of things. you could try taking water pills, they flush excess water from your body and make you pee it out. also a few steps to reduce swelling are 1.drink atlease 64 ounces of water a day,it will help flush out toxins, feet retain toxins believe it or not! 2.try to get off your feet a little more often in a nice chair, and wear more comfortable shoes. 3.when sitting elevate your feet to were they are almost higher than your heart. 4.wear support socks aka compression socks,they help circulation thus reducing swelling. 5.massage your feet, itll help circulation and excess fluids retaining in them. 6.try icing them, ten minutes on ten off a few times. It reduces swelling also. 7.eat more fruits and veggies along with reducing your salt intake. also they have these detox pads out there you place on the bottom of your feet at night. hope it works out!


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  • First off, get a professional pedicure at least once a month.

    Next: "ugly"? Who says? I don't think I've seen ugly feet that are well pedicured.

    Last, to decrease swelling, elevate you feet (put them up) as much as you can, so the fluids can circulate.


  • I agree that you should use some compression socks in your case. Look for sheer compression stockings from www.brightlifedirect.com/allegro-sheer-hosiery.asp website. They look great, and they will help you a lot with such a problem definitely. Good luck with that!


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