Why is it that cute girls get more attention than cute guys?

cute girls get more attention than cute guys?


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  • it may be the environment you live in how you were brought up or just a psychological thing with us women and men. The old fashion way of romance or whatever you want to call it is that the "cute" man approaches the "cute" woman as apposed to the "cute" woman approaching the "cute" man, and that old fashion tradition continues today. So the cute girls will get more attention from a guy then a guy would get from a girl because both sexes feel that is the way it is supposed to be.

    Now another thing I metioned was the environment and up bringing of certain people which are other factors that may effect this situation. Depending on where you live or how you were brought up may depict how you act towards the opposite sex. I live in a place where girls actually pick up the cute guys half of the time, and where the cute guys get jumped on like everyday by girls. Some girls are just less confident and shy towards men than others.

    Either way, most women try to keep the guy they think is cute a secret and will give him little or no attention at all because she is embarrassed that he might find out that she likes him it's all in the way we think really. So just because your cute and you don't really get attention doesn't mean you don't have secret admirers who are talking about you.

    Hope that helped :)


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  • depends on where you are.

    but as a cute one here talking, I shall try to explain this.

    I believe it might be societal roles attributed through generations of time whereby guys are the ones who observe girls and therefore guys (whether cute or not cute) will pay attention to the girl (cute ones or etc). thus cute girls get more attention than cute guys.

    plus it might be an intimidation factor.

    a cute guy was looking at me today actually but I was too shy to look at him back. that could be why too. maybe those girls are shy or busy. I'm not shy persay but when a guy is obviously hitting on me or looking at me for a long time, I will blush, especially if he's a cute guy.

    hope this helps :)

  • Well I think cute guys get just as much as cute girls, it's just not expressed the same way.

    A guy is more likely to flirt with a girl right off the bat because she's attractive, and girls try to know the guy's personality. Sometimes I think the guy's way is better because you're taking chances, keeping your options open.

    Also girls tend to be more shy around the opposite sex so they may smile or look at a guy walking by, but a guy might initiate a conversation.

    And it depends on where you are, sometimes I won't flirt with a cute guy because it's not the right place/time.


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  • Because many girls believe it's them who should be approached and not the other way around.

  • Because a guy won't call a girl cute unless he means it.

  • Because there girls dude.

    It hasn't been socialy acceptable long enough for women to be going out asking guys out. Guys do the asking out more then girls just the way things work.