What size am I in a Columbia jacket?

So I checked and Columbia recommend the big and tall jackets for anyone over 6'1 and I'm 6'3. I weight anywhere from 170-182(I have massive weight fluctations constantly despite I have a steady diet and exercise plan). I have a 43in chest if that also helps. http://www.amazon.com/Columbia-Steens-Mountain-Front-Zip-Fleece/dp/B0084AVW50

I plan on buying this jacket and I'm wondering what a good size is for me because I usually just buy XL's (big and tall customs are usually much more expensive) for things but I don't want the sleeves to be too short but I also don't want the thing slugging down to my thighs. I know fashion is usually a ladies expertise but honestly this question will be more for guys that are shoppers in the big and tall or ladies who shop for their man in that section


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  • Probably a large then. They tend run big

    • In big and tall the smallest is 2X Tall. I'm just wondering if that's better than say a regular XL or XXL. The bigger sizes in regular really only get bigger for the belly and chest area (to compensate for chubbier dudes) but I'm a lean person so I only need the sleeve and hem length to be longer. I have an XL jacket in something else with similar style and the sleeves and hem are ever so slightly too short on that.

    • Then go with XL

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