How the hell do I get hair like this?

John Stamos aka: uncle jesse from full house
how the hell do i get hair like this?

i mean it defies gravity and there is no part :P how do i do this? i need this hairstyle. if you are gifted with hair or you know a youtube video that explains how to do it plese let me know :)


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  • Just push your bangs back and your bangs blend in with the part so it looks like that

    • not sure what you mean... is his part on the right side of the first picture? and then he pushes his bangs over it?

    • Either that or a middle part. His bang are relatively long so he just takes his fingers and pushes his hair back which covers the part making it look partless. Pushing it back with gel would make it stay a bit better. Little hairspray

    • ill try both tomorrow and use a little moose, see if it works out like that.

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  • hair gel and a lot of hair, i could do this now if i wanted

    • you should :P his hair gets a lot of attention lol

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    • to each there own i guess :P i use to have really short hair, now im not sure i could go back :P

    • oh man, if i could. i would never have long hair again


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  • A flat iron and hair spray... In the show the character uses a lot of hairspray.

  • You have to blow dry it a certain way.


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  • Just grow it out.

    • really? i thought it was some massive amount of product :P im getting close to his length now so im starting to think there is more to it.