He's always looking at me but he never speaks, but isn't the shy type?

This has been going on for almost two school years.. it's this group of guys that are friends at my school and they are like the cutest 15 boys in my grade. They always have the cheerleaders and cute little short girls around around them. They have the stories circulating around school about who they've hooked up with. ya know the stereo typical cool guys. anywho they are always posted up on the walls somewhere or in the halls and its this one boy in the group that no matter how many people are in the hall or cafeteria he immediately starts looking at me. He doesn't really stare but whenever I look over at them he is looking at me. I've caught him staring @ me a few times then he sorta looks away smooth.lol. I know some of them and when I walk pass them I feel them looking at me. We also have the same lunch and sometimes when I look over there he is watching me. I don't think he likes me because if he did he would just talk to me I think cause he basically knows all the girls in our grade. I just want to know the possibilities of what he could be thinking when he looks at me or what's going on? Also he skipped his class the other day with 3 of his friends when I had a substitute and sat in my class and was just in there and they were over there talking and of course the girls went over there to them. and he had his chair facing mine and was talking and out the corner of my eye I just felt him kept watching me the whole time. I don't know boys confuse me. And he in no way is shy at least around every other girl. I just want to know what could be going on?


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  • what he could be thinking when he looks at you? Most probably that you're goodlooking.


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  • Yes he could be shy, just cause he is outgoing with the other girls doesn't mean nothing. If he really does like you guy's can get shy around girls they like