Which hair style would guys like better?

Ok so I want to impress a guy, No I have long brown hair and I don't know what to pick? A pony tale with a side fringe and head band, I think it looks cute? Or my hair out with curls? Which is more cute?


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  • I'd say go with what you think looks cuter. You'll exude more confidence that way. Wear the head band one.


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  • Well, the guys I know, they really like my natural straight hair. Just open and being freakishly long. It just adds to the look. So I'd say. As long as the hair style goes with your face and structure. You are good. Try curls or waves.

  • I would say down with curls. Most men associate long hair with sexiness Depending on the kinda guy he is. He might want cute. Which you would go for the headband one. But if not, down with loose curls are sexy.