Guys, do you prefer to ask or to be asked?

Okay, so last night I watched a movie and one of the main quotes was "if a guy wants to go out with you, he will make it happen." Now, I have a lot of guy friends who seem to like me and none of them are acting on it. Then I realized that the guy could just be shy, as a lot of my friends are. But wouldn't even a shy guy try to initiate something if he really wanted it? =/


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  • Well you obviously don't like them, so that's a big deterrent.


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  • Maybe they read somewhere that "If a girl wants to go out with you, she will make it happen."

    This style of dating is in certain circles known as "attritional warfare".

  • Being a shy guy myself, I know that I have been around girls that I liked but was never able to work up the courage to initiate anything. So if a guy is really shy there's a good chance that no matter how interested he is, he'll be to scared to ask a girl out or anything like that.


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