Pants and In-laws Problem?

I know you're expecting me to say I had sex with my girlfriend's sister or something haha but no. All my life I've been almost shunned and disliked because.. i'm kinda a big guy. And even my best pants show at least something. I'm going to start meeting some more of her family. Her family; because of her sisters has a terrible history in men (impregnating and leaving) at almost the first week. I'm afraid they might not think I'm permanent and let's face it.. It's already embarassing on it's own. I know that side of her family is really blunt (ESPECIALLY her sisters. beyond beyond beyond explanation.) I know it's crazy but I'm really freaked out! (Her brother might kill me on sight) That's messed up, her siblings scare me WAY more than her parents haha.

Are there any pant types that maybe I don't know about? Share some secrets maybe? Because I want to look nice and can wear jeans but they have to be nice and clean looking (not ripped or overly faded) Would lower or higher rise make a difference? Any underwear? Can even leg cuts make a difference? (I've always been a loyal straight jean wearer and a bit suspicious of others)

Girls: Has any of your family whether in private or out loud pointed out something like this about your boyfriend or even a stranger? Do you notice?

I'm over 18, I don't know how to change that up there -_-


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  • Not that I have experience in this but for girls it were trying to "hide" something like our stomach or whatever we wear structured, thicker fabrics. So don't wear pants made out of a thin or clingy fabric. Looser pants/jeans, that are stiff and in a dark wash should work. Make sure there's absolutely no fading or whispering over the area of concern. Wear a light/bright shirt to draw attention upwards. DO NOT put your hands on your hips.


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  • If I understand you correctly you are worried about your junk - You can't do anything about it except keep it neat - Boxer briefs with a contour pouch and baggier trousers are probably your best bet.


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  • My ex girl friend took it a step further and showed her mom and best friends pics of ME as if she was bragging about it or something and every time I was around one of them it was awkward because I would catch the sneaking a peek boxer briefs or tightie whities are your best bet. If it's a monster you might want to taperform it to you leg or something