Is dresslink. com safe and reliable?

Lately I've beeen wanting to purchase some new clothes online but most stores are extremely expensive. I know dresslink has very cheap clothing and I was wondering if I should trust their website. I don't really feel comfortable ordering online from Asia especially since their sizes run differently. Are there any American sites that are similar and safe?


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  • I don't recommend buying from there. From what I can see, it's very much like rosegal, which is another fake site. Reviews differ but it's generally said that you either don't get anything and it just takes your money, or the clothes are of extremely low quality. You might think that the pictures look good - and that's because the pictures are the real ones.

    However, the site does not buy these clothes, it instead manufactures similar clothing, in the hopes that it's close enough to what the picture shows. Usually it looks nothing like what you tried to buy and if you're lucky enough that you get something that is similar, it's very poorly made. Just think about how cheap it is for a minute. When you remember that workers have to be paid to produce these and the website owners want to make a profit, you can imagine how little money the employees actually receive for their hard work. So not only is it incredibly unprofessional, it's not exactly ethical either.

    I recommend that you buy from somewhere else and save yourself the trouble. In England we have sites like everythingfor5pounds. com, so maybe look for something similar in America?

    • Thank you, and good point about the ethics involved. That was one of the things I was concerned about. I certainly don't want to buy from a place that's virtually slave work for the employees. I know H&M tends to have some nice clothes for inexpensive prices. Are familiar with Burlington coat factory?


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  • I have no idea what that website is, but "its me?"


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  • can't really tell but i saw a few youtubers doing haul videos with stuffs they've bought from the company... maybe its a nice one

  • I recommend cndirect I've bought stuff from off of there without a problem it's kind of like dresslink. Also I love Burlington coat factory lol :)

    • Thank you, I'm honestly trying to avoid ordering from other countries, do you know of an American stores like that or is Burlington the closest we've got? lol

    • I like boohoo. com It's in Australia but it's a reputable site unlike wholesale china stores lol I also like fashion nova. I recommend going on instagram as a lot of the stores on instagram are actually reliable so I get few things from stores on there. I like Asos too and H&M is really great for affordable yet high quality clothing. Department stores are awesome as well. We have a shoppers world wear I live and their clothing is pretty good for the price. If you like the tumblr style then Windsor is good for finding clothing like that. Target and Walmart are greats for flowy shorts and cute dresses and the qualities not bad. (Although for it to be target they sure are pricey I usually stick to the clearance rack as I like to save as much as possible.) Ross, Tj Maxx, etc are good too. I hope this helps if I find more stores I'll comment them. :)

    • Oh my goodness thank you. You've given me quite a list, I look forward to check them out, thanks!