I don't know if guys notice me?

OK well I'm a country girl and all my cloths western. I go riding and I need my boots and I need my jeans for that. My button up shirts to help with working on fences. So I don't know if I look good for going out dancing and I don't know if guys see me or not. I'm not the prettiest girl and I'm kind novice win I'm out with friends because I know there going to find a hot guy for me to dance with and I don't know if I'm dressed to impress. So how do I need to look?


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  • OK: let's break this down...

    1. When you ride and work on fences, I get what you need to wear. If you can't change clothes before going out, can you wear a sexy, lacy, thin shirt under your button up shirt? Then undo a couple extra buttons. How about changing boots to boots with thin heels.

    2. If you can change clothes... what do girls wear where you live - the girls who get attention?

    Hope that helps. D

    • Well I mean I don't have manny outher clothes than the one's I work in and and yes I change befor I go out like dancing and on a that but I mean how do I get them to see me win I'm out with friends


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  • tight jeans. don't wear your riding boots. a nice plaid shirt that you don't wear riding is nice. and maybe jsut a touch of make up. to much. but remember to be yourself. don't dress like someone else.

  • also note SMELL PRETTY!

    and shave everything!

    your a pretty girl I'm pretty sure if you like the dress you can pull it off

    • Aww thank you and I hate dresses lol boots jeans and a butinup shert will do for me

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  • what do girls who get the most positive attention wear and look like? follow that but make your own personal modifications

    • Do you mean like I'm my area or the world

    • In ur area, not celebrities or anything because that might be too much but the average girl in ur town that guys seem to notice. I'm not saying copy her down to the t, but notice what is so attractive about her and do that for yourself

    • Ok well I'm not the thinist girl so I don't know if that will work

  • then country guys will notice you. try doing something with your hair. most guys don't like a lot of make up anyway

    • I don't realy wear much make up so wer good ther but I always have my hear up and I like the way I look in my pic but I just don't have time so what do I do