How can I tell a girl she is beautiful and sound genuine?

I'm more of a bubbly person and I don't really take myself seriously, problem is neither does my girlfriend a lot of the time. I try to look her in the eye and hold her hand and all that stuff when I call her beautiful or gorgeous but I always feel like it comes off fake. I'm not a player or have ever told a girl she is gorgeous before her, but that might be the problem. tips to make it more genuine?


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  • well, one thing could be if you smile when you say things that heavy. sometimes girls think that if your smiling when you say something like your beautiful, you're being fake. now I'm not saying to frown, but instead you could take her hand, look her in the eyes and say it with a straight-not frowning- face. if that doesn't work, then I don't know why she thinks you're being fake, however there is such a thingas saying too much or too little. so try to ease up/lay it thicker depending on how often you say it, and to whom you're saying it to.

  • Has she told you it does not sound genuine ? Or is it just yourself who thinks it's coming across as fake? If saying it is not working out to well, leave her little notes telling her how beautiful she is , or other sweet ideas. As long as what your telling her is coming right from your heart , then I'm sure she will feel it :)


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