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I'm female

okay so I have always been the girl in an relationship...then after a really bad break-up. ...i kinda took a year off and didn't even date and just had fun...then felt I liked on guy enough that it wasn't worth the chance of loosing him so I decided to date again...after only a couple months we broke up...i am now (for the first time really) looking for a new guy to start dating...seems like every guy that I meet though is just looking to get into my my question to guys is...what are signs I can look know if that all he wants...or if he is the relationship type and just a question for girls...what do you look for as well to tell if that's what a guy wants


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  • Usually if he wants to get in your pants, he will try really hard to do just that. You can tell simply because he keeps touching you, stands really close to you, and doesn't let anyone else near you. I've had a lot of experience with guys like that. I'm assuming the ones who actually respect/like you will be more interested in talking to you than touching you.


What Guys Said 1

  • well you could just date someone and put the sexual stuff on the back burner... if you wait a couple dates and he's comfortable just being around you and can respect you enough to wait on anything sexual then you have someone who is interested in you, not just what is in your pants. And if you can be honest after you know him better, simply tell him that you have been lied to and burned in the past that your afraid of getting hurt again. if he wants the relationship, he will understand... you can't really tell, unless he's really just a pig, what a guy wants till you talk to them, and no it might not come out as I WANT A RELATIONSHIP! but you have to listen to his tone, the way he talks to you, the way he looks at you and piece together a puzzle of who he really is and what morals he has...

    Best of luck!