What does he mean by acting like this?

So, there's this guy in my class and every time I walk in I always glance at him. He looks really happy and is smiling, but every time I look at him; he looks away. He's not very talkative, and he's very shy. But, he makes attempts to talk in the class I have with him. And I always catch him staring and smiling at me, Every time I see him in the hallway though, he never even looks at me. If anything he's blatantly ignoring me in the hallway. He even talks to all my friends way more than he talks to me. What is going on with him?


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  • I did exactly the same stuff in HS. Sounds like he likes you but is real shy about it. He might be afraid of making eye contact because he's afraid you might find out his secret/crush...

    At least that's what I think.


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