Is the collarbone a painful place to get a tattoo?

About to get my first tattoo. Pretty much decided on the word 'Fortissimo' directly under the left side of my collarbone. Is that a really painful tattoo spot? I looked up this question and found conflicting information. What do you guys think?


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  • Any tattoo that occurs over a near surface bone is worse than one that is not. I ha be tattoos over my elbows and knee cap. I can deal with needle, stinging pain but that feeling of the tat over the bone is way worse. I'm not sure if pain is the right word to describe it, but it certainly did suck haha.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, that's a very painful place to get a tattoo. Basically anywhere where the skin is thin is painful, because that's when the tattoo gets close to the bone. If you feel your collarbone (or even hear the name of it, really, it literally has bone in the name :P ) then you can feel how thin and delicate the skin is there, you can feel your bone right below the surface.

    Now imagine kinda... Imagine a mini drill, but instead of the typical drill edge, imagine maybe a really sharp fountain pen (because tattoos kinda feel like you're being scratched) on the end of the drill, and imagine that going really fast, constantly, into sin stretched right across the bone. It does hurt. Pretty much everywhere hurts to get a tattoo, but collarbones are quite delicate, so they do hurt, yeah.