How would I dress modestly, but still cute and with a touch of sexy?

So, for reasons I don't care to explain, I want to dress more modestly.
But I also don't want to be walking around dressed like I'm 40 when I'm 19. (yes, I'm 19)
How can I do this? In winter, it's not much of a problem. I can wear tight jeans with a nice hoodie or play with layers and colors to still stand out in a crowd.
But it's spring in Australia and it's reaching like, 40 degrees lately. It's freaking hot.


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  • Where a lot of reds, purples and a bit of black for the bold pop of colour that if worn right can be seductive in all the right ways. Wear something that shows your neck but isn't too low cut. If you have longer hair try and wear it down with loose waves and sort of a messy effortless look which you can also achieve with short hair. If you're wearing dresses and skirts don't let it go too far up above the knee keep it knees length or a bit higher up is okay. If you wear make up red lipstick is an obvious sexy colour! And a smokey eye. If you're going for right clothes make sure it's tight enough to see your body but not too tight it makes you look slutty. Skirts and dresses that flow can also be very sexy. Remember though the neck can be very sexy!

    I hope that helped in some way good luck :)

    • Wear * also I'm from Australia :)


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  • dresses with tights or maxi dresses.

    Go for silk or chiffon.

  • If you want to cover up but still be sexy I would go for wider necklines which still look sexy) instead of lower ones, keep the skirts above the (knee flowy and below the knee fitted, and this is just my opinion so ultimately you have decide what suits you best.

  • So is this you being 19 going on 25-29, or simply you wishing you were 19 again! :)