Do you think I'm to young for a smiley piercing?

I'm 13. I really want a smiley piercing I've done my research on it so people who come to complain about me not knowing how to take care of it just leave now please. I have an industrial piercing and a few cartilage piercings to and have had no problems with them they are all healed. Do you think I'm to young to get a smiley piercing?


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  • Too young indeed. Come back in 5 years.

    • I'm sorry to ask this but is there any reason to why you would say "too young" and why I should wait?

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    • Haven't asked them yet

    • First thing to do thus.

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  • Yeeesh. That piercing would make me *nervous*. It looks like a good way to crack your teeth. Did you know the mouth is also the dirtiest part of your body. That thing is going to be crawling with bacteria and SUPER prone to infection.

    Honestly it's too gross for me to keep thinking about so I'm going to say just look for a less disgusting piercing.


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  • Smiley piercings are known to cause gum recession, which exposes part of the teeth not normally exposes and allows early tooth problems. And they also rub the tooth enamel and can cause dental problems that way, also.

    In other words it is likely to cause problems with your health. However if you believe hurting your appearance with those piercings is more important that your health, please go right ahead,

  • smiley piercings are for sluts

    • Do you even know what they are?

    • Calm grampa no need for bad language I was juts asking

    • Wtf is wrong with u? Starting shit with a girl of my age u make me sick.

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  • I don't know whatever. i think it's alright i guess. i have mixed thoughts. might as well do crazy things while you think you enjoy it. once you're older you won't want to do things like this, so do it now and get it out of the way lol

    • The best thing about it is when I take it out the scar will not b visible anywhere

    • yeah thats the only good thing about it. it's easily hidden and won't leave a noticable scar

  • It's a rare piercing.. Is is possible to take it off if you change your mind?

  • Yes a little to young to have holes punched in your face

    • It's in your mouth by the way

    • I know I had it mixed up with a Monroe. ☺ still maybe wait a yeah or two because your tastes change as you age... Plus wouldn't it be really painful😨