How do I get gagers T-shirts to India?

I don't reside in USA or Canada! And they ship T-shirts in only this area of globe and I will love to have 2 T-shirts of gag too...
So guys did you find another way to get yourself a parcle of gag T-shirts..

  • 1) forget it
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  • 2) find a mediator, send them at his/her address and then he sends you
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  • 3) send at my address. As upcoming Christmas gift.
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  • 4) Go for Amazon gift card.
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  • 5) You are moron.
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  • 6) What is wrong with your FACE, IS AN ALIEN TAKING OVER YOUR BRAIN.
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  • 7) just show me the poll, and Upvote my weird comment..
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  • Ask an admin if there's anything they can do, but it's likely not possible for them to do anything so the only way is option B.


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