so my eyes look different. like, one eye is a little bit more open than the other, and one eyebrow is slightly higher. like, it's not even that noticeable unless you're really looking for it, but it's still there and it bothers me sometimes, as I am a perfectionist. actually, I sometimes make jokes about it to my closer friends. I never really thought it was an issue till a few days ago when a good friend of mine told me that a girl whom I had just met noticed it and made a comment after I left. people tell me I'm relatively attractive but this really bothered me, and made me feel a bit self conscious. not sure if you can even tell from my picture, but tell me what you think.


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  • Somebody probably commented on it because they noticed it once you started joking about yourself. That's always a bad idea. If a guy selling you a car started joking there was something he didn't like about the car, would you be more, or less likely to buy it?

    You are your own salesperson.

    Also, everyone's eyes are a little uneven, pay close attention.

    • That makes a lot of sense. unfortunately, I hadnt made any of the jokes that I mentioned in my post around the girl. so essentially, she came to the conclusion all on her own...that was what bothered me


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  • That's normal. I wouldn't even notice it if I didn't know what I was looking for. Mine are like that too. No one's face or body is truly symmetrical, not even the girl who commented on you. I wouldn't worry about it. =]

  • lolz I have a lazy eye too women it ain't that uncomen lolz oh and my eyebrows aren't perfectly even either:D

    but people don't normally notcie that kind of stuff.. she must of been jelous of you because you are pretty :D

    and like the other chick said she probly heard you joking about it

  • omg me too! one of my eyelids is bigger and when I smile its like one eye is bigger. they are also slanted and I feel that makes it look more noticeable. but look you are a pretty girl, you have been blessed with beauty and sight. there are blind people who can't even see at least you have your sight. no one is perfect and I think everyone has some unevenness to their features...dont worry about it