Girls, are stretch marks on a guy gross?

This is a question from my little brother who doesn't have an account. He's almost 16, but super tall for his age. He's always been thin and tall, but lately he's grown a whole lot in a short amount of time. He's also been accepted into a prestigious tennis academy, meaning he's had to step up his daily exercise routine to keep up to the standard of his adversaries (if you've ever seen a live tennis game at a professional level, you'll know the standard of tennis player's bodies.). Because of his height and muscle growth in such a short amount of time, he's got stretch marks on his shoulders and back.

Girls, would you find that unattractive? He wouldn't take his shirt off at the beach the other day because of it...


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  • I wouldn't care. It's not like I don't have stretch marks, so it would be hypocritical of me to judge a guy for having them. They're really not that big a deal.


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  • I don't think so, and if a girl does think they are gross then she's a waste of his time anyways. He shouldn't let what girls think get to him. My boyfriend has them and I don't care. I love him, so it doesn't matter. And if I seen a guy with them, I probably wouldn't think much of it.. if I even noticed.

  • my boyfriend has stretch marks on his shoulders and I don't even notice them they don't bug me at all lolz

  • Most girls have stretch marks and they wouldn't want that to be a problem for the dudes they talk too. So I would say no, stretch marks are a part of life, unfortunately nothing really works to get rid of them, and as far as the girls finding it unattractive, if whoever he's with really cares about him it won't matter.