How long does it take for a mini tattoo on my wrist to heal?

im a swimmer so i dont wanna take a week off from practice. the tattoo i want is basic blck and the size of a penny


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  • Well i had one that was around 6X6inches
    it took 3 weeks away from ju-jitsu out of me

    something small like that would have to be about a week of no sweating nor water... light showers are fine though.

    Here is my suggestion: do it during Christmas time so you have time off and you will not have school or other pressing matters if you don't your tattoo will be screwed up


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  • Yeah... I have several tattoos, one is on my wrist as well. Size really doesn't have a lot to do with the length of healing time, and healing time isn't something you want to mess with because the less time you give it to heal, or the more slack you are on taking care of it (applying non-scented, non alcohol lotion 3x daily and gentle washes with anti-bacterial soap, no sun, no chlorine, no soaking in water (eg- baths, pools, lake, s hot tubs)) the more patchy and/or faded the tattoo will become. IF you're not worried about that because it's so small, then go ahead and swim, but a week is NOT enough time for the tattoo to properly heal.


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  • According to a friend of mine who got a tattoo, it took her around a week.