I have this obsession with 'attempting' to be every guy's fantasy girl?

last year in march I weighed 128 pound, I dropped down to 105,

but it still doesn't seem like enough, so I've been going to the gym and dieting trying to build muscle.

I buy top brand clothes and don't go anywhere without my make-up done properly.

its not that I'm confident because I promise you I'm not that's why I felt the need to lose the weight.

its like I have this obsession to be perfect because I feel like guys won't find me attractive otherwise.. any advice?


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  • I you tried to be every guy's fantasy girl then you would have to be thousands of different people. Personally, I would be completely turned of by everything you do. Rediculously low weight, brand name clothes, a lot of make up, all of that turns me off. Why don't you try to be your own fantasy girl? I would be much more attracted to you if you let your real personality show and just acted like yourself.

    • Thanks I will really work on it maybe I used the wrong word 'fantasy',

      but your answer is by far the best in my opinion. thanks alot.(:

    • Its nice to see that my advice is appreciated. Thanks for the best answer.


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  • What do you really want from this? Guys cumming in their pants every time you walk in a room?

    Really, you're taking this way too far. You're already way past being pretty enough. You need to let go of this obsession because it can only bring you down.

  • I know it's cliché, but honestly the best advice is to just be yourself. You have a lot of natural beauty to begin with, so you don't have to do much to look good. You're going to be attractive to guys no matter what you do, that's not something you'll to have to worry about. Focus on being what you truly want to be. A girl that is comfortable with herself and doesn't try to impress is far more attractive than the opposite.

  • Like willy said, just be yourself, sometimes "perfect" isn't actually perfect.

  • you shouldn't ever be someones fantasy girl because its a fantasy and fantasy's aren't real, aren't tangible, aren't possible

    but first you should concentrate on this quote "you must find yourself attractive before others can find you attractive"

    because I was the guy version of you

    i would always buy high end clothes, always get a haircut and gel my hair so it looks nice, gain more muscle when I was doing this most girls never really found me attractive and whenever I looked in the mirror I always thought are girls going to find me attractive? and when I went out girls pretty much never checked me out but now that I have changed a lot more girls check me out then before (dont mean to sound cocky lol)

    hope I helped (:

    • Lol no I really like your answer as well , and confidence is key . I agree. I just need to build some confidence up. but yes you did help(:

  • just be u.and guys will like u.and to me 128 is better than 105.

  • most guys dnt like girls bein to thin but any you shuldn b tryin to impress any body be who you are stay true to who you are and men will love you for tat looks are not a problem for u.

  • well you need to be a 15 year old and not every mans fantasy...thats how young girls get raped...i am just trying to help you and not hurt you... like everyone has said, be yourself and not every mans fantasy..

  • and how old are you?


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  • You can't be perfect for every guy. You're just going to attract guys who like what you're pretending to be, not you. And if they realize that it's fake, they'll probably lose interest. If you can be yourself, you'll attract the guys who like you for you.

    You're not going to be comfortable with yourself as long as you're doing things for other people's sake. It's not the real you, it's just a facade. Being who *you* want to be will build your confidence more than that will.

    • What you said doesn't make a lot of sense,

      I disagree, I'm not 'pretending' to be anything.

      theres nothing fake about me, just because I like top brand and I push myself to be thinner and prettier doesn't make me fake and it doesn't mean I'm pretending to be something I'm not I may be hurting myself and taking it to far but your statement is wrong.

    • Then I misunderstood your post. You said that you try to be every guy's fantasy girl, and you do those things because you don't think guys will like you otherwise. You didn't say you do those things because it's what you really want for yourself.

      "Fake" wasn't the right word to use. I didn't mean for it to come off the way you took it, more like you're not being true to yourself. And if you're doing things for the sake of pleasing guys, you aren't being true to yourself.

  • Wow, some people on here are so rude.

    But anyways, I know a friend who is exactly like you, and I think you should just be yourself. You can't impress everyone.

    by the way, you're really pretty! (:

    • Thank you I was hoping that everyone wasn't this mean!

      but I appreciate that and thanks you made me feel better!

  • That's really sad. And not every guy's dream girl is anorexic which is where you're heading. You're acting extremely shallow. And here's the thing...you might be thin, wear $400 outfits, prefect makeup...but you still might not be attractive...

    • Thats not what I mean, when I posted this I was asking advice to over come being self concious, I'm not aneroxic I eat a lot actually I think bad relation-ships and family stress are things that make me put this anger out on myself (my mom is struggling through cancer right now) I just wanted a guys opinion or advice. I didn't want all this negativity or for people to think I was being a snobby little bitch who wanted attention because honestly I was looking for the oppopsite effect.